DFV is a privately held startup company based in the San Francisco Bay Area. Established in 2006, the company is focused on developing and bringing to market the next generation of 3D printing technology.
Yasser Malaika - Founder

Mr. Malaika has led the development efforts of DFV since its inception as a research group in 2006. His expertise in 3D computer technology covers Rapid Prototyping, 3D interaction design, sales and marketing, and software development. In 2000, he helped bring to market Google SketchUp, the world's most usable 3D content authoring tool. In 2004, he lectured on design visualization and Rapid Prototyping technologies at the University of Arizona College of Architecture, where working with students having their first experiences with 3D fabrication inspired him to find more accessible 3D printing solutions. At that time, he began providing consulting services and presentations related to rapid prototypoing. After founding DFV and developing the company's first patent applications in digital fabrication, Mr. Malaika has continued to lead the team's research, business, and IP development efforts.

Ashley Murphy - CFO (BBiz/IT)

Having founded a start-up and led a team of four through to its seed stage to obtain grant funding, Mr. Murphy brings skills in commercialization and business development. The start-up attracted commercial interest from KPMG and other responsible funding/advisory entities. For the past two years he has worked as a Finance professional for an outside sales organization and an investment bank. His responsibilities have included the management a $500 million P&L and the tracking of lease and loan payments on a $1.2B aircraft fleet. Mr. Murphy has maintained a steady involvement with entrepreneurship through his commitment to DFV. He has a dual degree from the University of Queensland in Business Management and IT.

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